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tv   Today  NBC  July 20, 2012 2:05am-3:00am PDT

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with the wine. >> you know what? this is a big day. >> thanks, jer! >> it's bigger than a wine day. it's a big celebratory day here at the "today" show. there was a grand announcement. we should set the tone with a little bit of music first. ♪ they say the neon lights are bright on broadway ♪ >> oh, that one! >> we're starting there. >> i likey. >> because kathie lee gifford's musical is going to broadway! yeah, baby! >> thank you, guys. miracles do happen, hoda woman. we started -- my friends david friedman and david palmer and i started writing songs for it really 13 years ago. then it was jimmy nederlander, sr. who listened to the songs and said, i love it. let's do it. then he looks at me and goes, where's the book? the book is the script. i went, i'll get some schmuck to write the book. >> and you did. >> how tough can it be? i ended up doing it. it's taken 12 years. we are still working on it and it's called "scandalous, the
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life and trials of aimee semple mcpherson." >> let's have a little celebration! >> thank you, jerry. >> jer, i was teasing you. >> here, sara. >> let's do a toast here. to our girl. >> i feel like miss america. >> where is your crown? to "scandalous." scandalous. something i know about. >> where is it going to be? >> i can't believe i'm saying this. it's going to be at the neil simon theater 250 west 52nd street. starring the most amazing woman. her talent is absolutely -- i'm in awe of her. her name is carolee carmelo. all the broadway audiences love her. she's a two-time tony award nominee. she absolutely channels aimee semple mcpherson. >> if you've ever heard this song you're about to hear right now, you know her name. you just don't know who she is. ♪ from shirley temple to aimee
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semple ♪ ♪ it's equally understood >> that's an interesting version. >> yes. it's "hooray for hollywood." >> aimee is the most famous woman you've never heard of until you sing that song and people go, oh! in a nutshell, she was the most celebrated, most controversial woman of her day. if you put the most celebrated, controversial woman today, together they wouldn't be what aimee was in the 1920s and 1930s. she was born in 1890. she was an evangelist and faith healer. in the pentecostal world. >> oh, let's stop for a seconding. wait, i'm sorry, were you talking? >> she was married three times, divorced twice. she was in the trial of the century because she vanished in 1926 for five weeks and said she had been kidnapped and held for ransom in mexico. >> the thing about her is "time" magazine called her one of the most intriguing --
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>> influential -- >> most influential woman. >> no. people. >> of a generation. >> of the 20th century. think about that, if she is one of the most influential people of the 20th century, should we know about her? >> aimee semple mcpherson. can we get some of the casting photos? there is a cute guy. let's go a little closer. little closer. little -- >> here's what aimee would do. she would find the most gorgeous people in hollywood and put them in loincloths and pthings and have them gyrate and bring the bible to life. it will make you look at the bible in ways you never thought about. she entertained people. it was during the prohibition. anyway, our show takes place regarding the trial. it's the night before she is supposed to get the verdict on her trial. and she tells the story of how she got to where she is today. >> here's the thing. the tickets are going to go -- the box office opens -- >> i can't believe you're saying
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this. say it again. >> the box office opens august -- right? >> yes. i think august 20th. >> the actual opening night is thursday november 15th. >> that's why i've been on the train every night. >> been busy. >> we've been in casting every day all day till 6:00 at night. >> congratulations. it's been a labor of love. everyone at the "today" show is so pumped up and excited. you can find out more if you go to >> we are not the only ones with good news around here. congratulations to all the emmy nominations today. >> they were announced this morning. jimmy kimmel showed up in pjs. >> he was hysterical. >> he was kind of dragged into it at the last minute. whoever was supposed to do it got stuck in new york because of the storm. >> this storm yesterday, we were in auditions and people couldn't even hear themselves singing. it was amazing. >> yes. so best comedy -- >> as usual. >> "big bang theory," "curb your
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enthusiasm," "girls". >> it's the new comedy, it's scandalo scandalous! >> "modern family," "30 rock" and "veep." . >> good for julia. >> hugh laurie of "house" didn't get a nomination. that was probably the biggest snub. >> that i don't understand. everybody agreed he gave one of the greatest performances consistently year after year. this is a man who is not going to have trouble finding work, you know? >> no. >> all righty. you may be wondering why we've been looking like dorks in a different way than we normally look like dorks. and this is why. >> this is -- okay. >> this looks dirty sometimes. >> there. that's dirty. >> that looks like west virginia. >> they're both dirty. >> okay. the "today" show facebook page -- >> that's really dirty. >> the "today" show facebook page has over 100 million -- that's not right. over a million.
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>> no. >> i'm just reading. >> if we said 100 million, who is going to check? >> 1 million likes. if you go to our special page which is different from the "today" show page, we have 388,976 likes. >> yeah. >> now, that's not enough likes. >> no. >> because we need more. >> we're grateful for them, but we need more. >> we need more likes. sara, you just click on a button,s right? >> yeah. we're actually up to 391,402. so our fans are listening. if you go to our kathie lee and hoda page, it has a "like" button on the main page. just click that. >> is there a detest click you can make? is there a "hate you with all my heart" click? >> we should have a love button. >> we should point out that -- people actually pay good money to see our show. can you guys show the group of ladies who are behind the news desk? all of them paid money to come here, which is fascinating. >> they gave to charity, not to us personally.
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we should let you know. big, big, big amounts and we welcome them all. thank you so much. >> all right. this is the coolest thing ever and you're going to want to get in on this game. there is now, this is in singapore in 7-elevens in singapore, may be coming to the united states, a mashed potato machine. it makes the mashed potatoes come out like a slurpee. look how it works. you put your cup under there. here come the mashed potatoes. >> looks a little watery, aren't they? >> no. keep looking. now the chicken gravy. plop it. you take it just like that. they are very popular. people want a nice warm comfort food thing. it's like a slurpee machine. >> ooh! >> they are only available in singapore, but maybe here soon. we would like to know if you think this is a like or not. we say like. anyway, it may be coming here soon. we just don't know. >> just what we need with our obese society. we need more mashed potatoes and
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gravy! >> you want to traalk about a b baby? >> no. she's big and beautiful, a healthy child. >> this is beyonce's baby. everyone's noticing how long she is. she 6 month s old and she's lik a little toddler. look at her toes. she is really long. she is a beautiful baby. >> that almost looks like katie holmes with suri who is 6 years old. >> well, jay-z is 6'2" and beyonce is 5'6". she lost all her baby weight. >> she opened at atlantic city and she looks great. she's a -- >> a definite like. you've got something to talk about, a festival? >> dear friends of mine have a great camp for the performing arts that they do every summer out in paso robles. august 25th, they are hosting a worship song talent competition. some of the greatest
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inspirational bands are going to be there. if you think you have written one of the greatest worship songs, inspirational songs of all time, you can make an entry of your song and the top three finalists will perform at the festival. they're going to fly you in. they're going to give you a prize of $2,000. but more importantly than that, it may be done in churches and festivals all over the world. >> you know what's interesting that you bring that up? i decided this week since it's ih ihoda week -- >> cantinas music >> is she still talking? >> don't ruin my happy mood today. >> this is important. this is a gospel song. it is called "he still loves me." it's a great song. i was watching "the fighting temptations" with beyonce. remember that movie with cuba good jr.? >> yeah, yeah. >> i was looking for it online. this group called ramona fink gospel choir sings it. it puts you in a good mood.
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you're in your apartment, crank it up. ♪ cuz i ain't good enough but he still loves me ♪ ♪ i ain't no superstar but light is shining on
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several sources out at the scene are keeping an eye out, wondering if anyone else is involved. but at least initially they wonder if the one person they have in custody would be the mastermind behind the event here. we're hoping to get more information here just within the next few minutes, but we're being told that these numbers, the ten dead and the 39 injured,
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whenever we ask for clarification on this, we're told at least ten people are dead, at least 39 people are in injured. and so at this point, we don't know if that number is going to go higher. this is at the town center at aurora movie theater here, and you mentioned that aurora is very close to denver. it virtually touches denver in techs of its one metro area here, and so i'm looking at a live picture here, and we're just seeing so many police officers responding to the scene. we're waiting to see if those numbers do go higher. >> jas, are we hearing anything from eyewitnesss in terms of what this person's demeanor was when he or she walked into the theater, what this person was wearing? was anything said? >> we want to be completely up front with our viewers. the people who talked to us were in the theater. but several themes seem to carry
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through every person discussing what happened, that a man was dressed in some type of gear. whether or not this person had a bulletproof vest or hat goggles on, we're hearing things of that nature, but we're also believing that this occurred at least initially in theater number 9 and at some point someone came in and threw some kind of incendiary or explosive device and got people's attention. at first some people were telling us they thought maybe this was some type of, you know, fun joke at the movie theater because of the movie they were seeing, and then they realized that it got much worse. several shots were fired, at least according to the witnesses we're talking to. some are telling us they believe it was a shotgun. other people are telling us that they think that the rounds were fired so quickly that they question whether or not it would be a shotgun. >> and we understand the injured and even the dead are being taken to several area hospitals. i know the swedish person is one
2:19 am
of those. their spokesperson, nicole richards says two have arrived at her hospital in critical condition and according to the spokesperson, the hospital has been told there could be several more people brought to that hospital. where else might these people be taken? >> they're also being taken to denver medical health center, which is one of our trauma one hospitals. for those not familiar, it's a hospital that has staff 24 hours a day ready to immediately respond, and so we know that there are at least a handful of paem that were also taken to denver health medical center. we don't know exactly where else people are taken. we know that there are some hospitals that were closer to the scene, but, of course, you would want to take someone to a trauma one, certainly if they were in this situation. >> yeah. and let's just remind people, this happened shortly after midnight. this would have been a midnight showing of "the dark knight rises," a movie that premiered last night. so those theaters, the multiple
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theaters that that movie was showing in probably would have been packed. yo saw i this is a multi-theater facility, so those people would have packed that theater just after midnight to see this film, and we have reports that the calls started coming in at about 12:30 a.m., so just about 30 minutes into this event is when this person walked into this theater and began shooting. you mentioned, jas, that there was some kind of incendiary device. do you have any reports that that might have been responsible for some of the deaths of some of the people or does that appear that that was just more of a did traction? >> reporter: matt, we just don't know at this point. >> jas, stand by for me. we've got some sound we're going to play for our audience. this person is a witness who was in a nearby theater. let's listen. >> it sounded like madness to me. she said that a man about six feet tall, taller than her, kicked through the door and he was in she said a riot helmet.
2:21 am
she said he was -- had a bulletproof vest on. you know, she said that he was completely covered in all black with goggles. and she said that after that point when she saw that he was holding a shotgun, her and her boyfriend dropped to the floor and just tried to start to crawl to get away. when she turned around, all she saw was the guy slowly making his way up the stairs and just firing. >> that was an eyewitness or someone who spoke to an eyewitness in one of the theaters where this gunman walked in and opened fire shortly after midnight. i've about got jas larson on our phone from our station ksra. jas, you start to think about the number of injuries and deaths we're talking about. as we sbeek, ten dead and 39 injured and it sounds like this person who is now under arrest
2:22 am
probably had more than one weapon or reloaded that weapon once or several times during the course of this shooting. >> reporter: if you talk to witnesses, they are saying that they believe that there were multiple shots fired. when we ask how many, they're not telling us that it's five or six. they're telling us that it's many more than that. but, again, we know from previous experiences unfortunately that sometimes, you know, you need to kind of wait to get those numbers. it is tough at this point to not think of columbine here because that is what occurred so close to this area here, in the same metro area. and certainly when you talk to people on the phone and they're calling in the newsroom or you're calling them, that seems to be what people are bringing up. and that is a very tough thing. people around here -- that was a very traumatic experience for so many people. matt, i want to tell you one other thing that we're hearing from people. it is that many people were dressed up to go into this movie theater to see this movie, and any of us who have been to a
2:23 am
midnight showing understand that that happens -- think of harry potter. everyone dressed up for that. many people dressed up here. it may have been, according to what the witnesses are telling us, tough to pick somebody out who looked suspicious because, again, this was such an event where people were purposely dressing up, that somebody dressed all in black might not look any different. >> the latest numbers we're getting now -- jas, we thank you for your information. 14 have been killed. we're told by police 36 have been injured. many of those have been taken and are being taken to local hospitals, so we're going to be getting updates on their condition throughout the day. jas larson, thank much more information coming up this morning on the "today" you like to read. >> it does make sense but you have to put the effort and time into it. >> you have to realize you have to make the time and effort. >> i think you attract what's within you. >> of course. >> we feel like it should happen automatically.
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it is time to get webtastic when our very own sara haines digs up the next video that will have everybody hitting "send." >> we meet a puppy fascinated by an air conditioner. and who's not? >> that's right. little malik went crazy when the owners turned on the a/c in their car and it was all caught on tape. check it out. he was only 3 months old. they turned it on and saw he was
2:29 am
reacting in a funny way so they started to roll. you can hear them laughing in the background eventually. he's a little wheaton terrier. they posted this june 19th and it has over 28,000 hits. i think he's trying to drink it. >> might be the condensation from it. >> it seems like it's going to be drinkable, but it's not. >> with the heat lately, i've seen a lot of people doing that, not just dogs. >> wagging their tails. >> thank you, sara. >> two ladies from our crowd get ready to strike a pose. the spectacular results of our ambush makeovers coming up. a change of place, family vacation ideas. picture this. we'll tell you what you can do with all your vacation photos. but first your local news.
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that music means it's time for our ambush makeovers. our ambush makeover team dove into the crowd to find two women and surprise them with a brand-new look. >> "today's" contributor and stylist to the stars louis licari and jill martin are here. >> how was it today? >> we had great signs. one of our picks had three signs so there was no choice. >> that's all you need. first up is lynn hamilton, 51 years old from lubbock, texas. she wears very little make-up because no one taught her how to put it on. she was thrilled when we approached her on the plaza. let's listen to her story. >> a lot of signs, a lot of excitement. i know you've wanted this for so long. why do you want this for your wife? >> it's just something she wanted to do for a long time.
2:33 am
she always watches the "today" show and says i'd love to do this. i'm excited for her. >> you're not a big talker, but you are excited for your mom. >> yes. absolutely. works very hard and never really seems to take any time for herself. definitely something good for her. >> i know you're busting. are you ready to go? >> yes. i'm so excited. >> adorable! she is busting. again, mark is there, her husband, and her son eric. guys, please keep on your blindfolds until i give you the green light. here is lynn hamilton before. >> let's see her! >> lynn? [ pretty wom ♪ pretty woman walking down the street ♪ >> wow! all right, guys, take off your blindfolds. >> oh, wow! >> wow! >> you ready, lynn? you look very new york. spin right here, sweetie. >> wow! >> that is sexy. that looks great. >> look straight ahead at camera 12.
2:34 am
louis, tell us about the hair first. >> the first thing i did -- lynn would go for highlights every six weeks. she went so often it turned into a single process so i made it into a single process. this color is just a caramel color that just works with her skin color. brigitte gave her the a-line bob. >> i love bridgity! >> yes. she's fantastic. and it just works great. she's a science professor. >> stop it! >> she works with fungus. and look at her now, the chiccest woman in new york. >> what do you think? >> it looks great. i love it. >> she looks hot. >> the dress is great. >> a hot science professor. the dress is from maggie london. i love a dress you can wear and feel like you could sleep in. it's a great material and this really just embodies everything for summer, all the different patterns and colors. so maggie london. >> beautiful. >> big round of applause for lynn! you can join your husband and
2:35 am
son. >> our second lady is mindy ford, 54, from st. louis, missouri. her friend who works as a florist taught her how to cut her own hair so she begged us to give her a brand-new look. let's listen to her story. >> i love maddie's sign. i just wanted her to read it for you. >> there once was a mom from st. lou whose appearance made her feel blue. she made to the city to be made pretty by hoda, kathie and you. >> how cute is that sign? and i know you really want this. >> oh, yes. i watch hoda and kathie every week. always on thursdays for the ambush makeover. and you and louis la-la-la-la. >> okay, now it's you. are you excited? >> oh, yes! we're stunned and shocked. can't believe we are going to do it. >> she is adorable. >> i like her. >> she's here with her daughter maddie, who's so sweet. let's take one last look at mindy ford before. bring the new mindy out right now.
2:36 am
♪ girls just wanna have fun >> oh, oh, oh! >> oh, my gosh! all right! maddie, are you ready to see your mom? >> yes, i am. >> take off your blinds. >> it's pretty amazing. she looks so great. >> turn around. >> it's adorable. >> oh, my gosh! >> so cute! >> you can run your fingers through it if you want. >> do it! >> it's aadorable. >> oh, my gosh! i haven't had short hair since college. >> it's very sexy. right, louis? >> she -- obviously she's in shell shock. you look gorgeous. this is what a great haircut can do, just completely update your look. >> so modern. >> and the hair color change was minimal. she colored her hair at home. consistently worked the color through. got darker on the ends, the old mistake. but because brigitte cut so much
2:37 am
of her hair off, the warm hair, natural make-up. >> how long was it? we can't tell with your hair pulled back. >> about there. >> and down here it was darkest brown, almost black and light brown on top. >> so she had the raccoon thing happening. >> we have a couple of seconds. the dress. >> the dress is senia. we just added a great belt to give it a great look. >> i love it, love it, love it. i've seen a lot of grecian influence since you got back from greece. >> i love it. i've never seen her with short hair before. it looks great. >> everybody come out. great job. fantastic. now that the ladies have changed their looks, how about a change in scenery? >> we're going to help you plan that last-minute vacation right after this. >> you look awesome! at subway. avocado on a subway club... now we're talking! [ male announcer ] this super-food makes a protein packed subway club super delicious.
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♪ get your kicks on route 66 time for "today's travel" and last-minute family getaways. whether you haven't had time to plan a vacation or can't figure out where to take the crew, help is here. >> laurie begla bloom is in bloom, chock-full of ideas and expecting a beautiful little baby. she should be. she's the deputy editor of "travel and leisure" magazine. well, she stopped for five minutes somewhere along the way. congratulations. >> thank you. >> you've got five picks for us for top vacation destinations. number one on the list is san diego. >> love san diego. >> this is a great hotel for families. it's called the rancho bernardo. conveniently located to legoland and the san diego zoo for kids. $219 a night. >> wow, that's great. >> that includes a welcome bucket with toys and activities for the kids, in-room pizza party and s'mores. they also do treasure hunts,
2:43 am
drive-inn movies. >> take us to tucson, arizona. >> this is the westward look. built in the early 1900s and 80 acres of property. if you book five nights, it's $79 a night. >> that's incredible. >> seven nights they bring it down to $69 a night. it includes horses with wranglers for the kids, a telescope to watch the stars in the sky, hummingbird and butterfly garden. >> sweet. >> oh, yeah. kids love all that stuff. >> telluride is next. >> you've been there? it's gorgeous. >> i've never been. >> summers out there are the best. >> a great value in summer. at the fairmont klummer lodge, the rates are $250 a night for a children's discovery package. you get to stay in a two or three-bedroom residence. they throw in tons of things for kids like wilderness survival or cooking classes, trekking and tracking. >> just a little western town there in telluride.
2:44 am
>> we talked about this yesterday. orlando is a hot spot. >> there is so much there. it's a natural. you've got disney in your backyard. at the sheraton buena vista, a $169 a night deal for families includes a full day at the pool cabana with a pool captain to do things for the kids like limbo classes, bingo, movies. >> a class to play limbo? >> also little chair massages for the kids and pend i cures, adorable. they offer shuttles to disney world and discounts on spa treatments for mom. >> and st. marten. >> i've got a fantastic package, $290 a night, all-inclusive. it includes all your foods, snacks and drinks and a kids' program where they take you on scavenger hunts, treasure hunts, snorkeling and scuba.
2:45 am
>> because it's off-season. >> it is off-season. but there are always great tradewinds. this hotel is built on the beach, five minutes from the airport. super convenient. >> awesome. >> thank you. and congratulations. >> thank you. >> we are happy for you. thanks. are all those photos you've taken on your vacation sitting on your phone somewhere? >> or on your camera? we'll show you what to do with all of them, right after this. good morning. i'm meteorologist crystal egger with a look at your forecast. in some areas where we already had rain we're going to get more rain today. and where we need the rain the most it remains hot rand dry, through the middle of the country. this is where our front is setting up, with it kind of settling over the east we're going to continue with showers and thunderstorms. the southeast awful the way up into the northeast. so maybe friday in the earning we're going to have more delays at the airport, something to keep in mind. dry all the way back into the
2:46 am
rockies, a few showers up over the higher peaks late in the day and across the pacific northwest, but this is where the main area of heat is going to be, some of the hottest temperatures, even denver 101 today, kansas city well into the triple digits, 99 for today but getting even hotter as we head into the weekend. on saturday, lingering showers for the southeast that may impact your plans even if you're heading for the beaches, the buildup of showers and maybe heavy rain. overall the pattern keeps it dry here into ethe upper midwest, it's in the 90s, cooling off in atlanta with all the cloud cover, 107 in dallas, very hot through the middle of the country and down into the southern plains. sunday we're not going to see much of a break here, but drying out in new york city. looking like a comfortable day at 82, here's that 105 in kansas city, 105 in dallas, beautiful weather across california's coastline.
2:47 am
and on monday we're still looking unsettled here in the east. that seems to be the trend. we keep getting stormy weather on the east side of the country, and we can't get any rain right into the nation's corn belt and the grain belt, all of these areas where we continue with a worsening drought. 96 in denver, still hot on tuesday. you can "wake up with al" for your latest forecast weekday mornings on the weather channel at 6:00 a.m. ups? [dumbfounded] well, we... doesn't last long does it? listen. 5-hour energy lasts a whole lot of hours. so you can get a lot done without refills. it's packed with b-vitamins and nutrients to make it last. so don't just stand there holding your lattes, boys. make your move. we'll take the 5-hour energy. smart move. 5-hour energy. hours and hours of energy.
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so you went on vacation and took a ton of amazing photos. but now what? >> "in style" magazine has some ideas. their style editor is here to tell us about them. >> and she is pregnant, too! congratulations. >> we take pictures and they end up in a drawer or on our camera. what should we do? >> we've got lots of really great easy ideas. we wanted to focus on easy and economical. >> okay. >> we have a wine label, first and foremost, we thought you would enjoy. it's a great opportunity for a celebration. >> okay, i have a question. who thought this was a good idea? no, no, who picked that? because that is just hideous and ugly. thank you, jamie. >> i want a case of that! >> okay, that's good to know. rude! >> nothing but class around here. >> $9 for about nine labels. and really it's a great
2:50 am
keepsake, great for parties. >> very cute. yes, isabel whitaker. >> this is from pinhall press. p basically you upload your photfoe pho photos. this is just super easy. >> you put it in your library. you want to bore your friends with it, it's right there. >> guest albums or even holiday cards. >> oh, we could send these out, kath. me and you. >> oh! we don't know where we were on that romantic vacation we could. >> i keep wearing the same shirt in every picture. >> i wasn't going to say anything. >> what are you doing with my husband? >> tell us about this. >> with the same theme and same company pinholepress, calendars, note cards. >> oh, cassy's prom. >> we also have great magnets. when your house is full of frames, this is another nice way to display your photos. >> this is a great section, the baby section. >> first of all, here is sami,
2:51 am
jaime our producer's daughter, is right here in the center. tell us what we do with these baby pictures? >> we love this idea of po coasters. this company is called image snap. these are ceramic tiles. if you want to do back splash with them you could could that. we like the idea of coasters or trivets. they're $13, great price, and they actually dye the photo on to the ceramic tile so it doesn't bleed. >> what a great gift that would be for grandparents. >> exactly. >> yes. >> get ella one. >> oh, there she is. gosh, that child is precious. >> she is so cute. >> this is when you're on vacation. it's an app called post-a-gram. costs $1. you are taking photos and you want to send a postcard. you literally upload the photo to the app.
2:52 am
it asks you to type in a message and mails it for you. >> i'm personally offended the way you call my mailing snail mail. i don't want to hear it again. don't look at me in the eye when you talk to me, all right? >> oh, my gosh! >> we've got great iphone cases from a company called case-a-gram. this is specifically from your instagram photos. it's an app. >> losing me! >> $35, includes shipping. >> zoning out! >> somebody can get this for you as a great gift. >> no thank you. >> now we have stickers. this is great for kids. these are adorable little sticker books from instagoodies. >> now, that's adorable. >> 90 photos for $14. >> good for scrapbookers, too. we also have these vinyl stickers. this is from art flakes. what we like about vinyl stickers, no glue residue. you can stick it straight on your ipad and you can peel it off without any residue.
2:53 am
>> that was a great segment, by the way. >> very nice. ever wish you could replicate a favorite recipe you enjoyed on the road? >> we'll show you how, and it's under $600. but first this is "today" on nbc. all this walking i've been doing is that it's given me time to reflect on some of life's biggest questions. like, if you could save hundreds on car insurance by making one simple call, why wouldn't you make that call? see, the only thing i can think of is that you can't get any... bars. ah, that's better. it's a beautiful view. i wonder if i can see mt. rushmore from here. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. mike's being healthy and chewing like a man. introducing one-a-day vitacraves for men! it's a gummy multivitamin... with more vitamin b, to convert food to energy,
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what's cooking" is sponsored by cracker barrel. it is time for "today's kitchen what's cooking." whether you're on the go or sitting down for a meal, a satisfying salad can be a healthy and nutritional alternative for your entire family. >> here to put a zip in your salad keeping calories in check is cracker barrel nutritionist pam smith is here. >> we've been waiting for you, pam. >> you may want to turn that chicken soon. >> how many calories are we talking about? >> less than 600 calories, which includes all of the salad fixings but also the dressing and even the devilled eggs. and because it's the south, after all, we're talking about saltine crackers. >> got to have them. >> you're sauteing some chicken here. >> this a grilled chicken and fresh vegetable salad.
2:57 am
we want to start with the star chicken tenderloins. they're the best part of the chicken. we just have those sauteing in the nonstick skillet. we'll come back. they cook so quick. only about four minutes, we're good to go. but the real focus of a great salad is a great vinaigrette. >> let's make the dressing. >> we're oftentimes subject -- >> i'm going to start pouring because we only have two minutes. what is it? >> honey and dijon mustard and a little bit of orange juice. it's what is going to hold the vinaigrette together. how about a little salt and a little bit of cracked pepper. while you're doing that, i'm going to start with the oil. this is an upside down vinaigrette. we don't use very much oil, which is what keeps the calori s s low. but with all the great flavors, we have wonderful apple cider vinegar, balsamic and red wine
2:58 am
vinegar. do we want to add the garlic and shallot? >> dump it all in. >> because that makes the country vinaigrette, we're not only going to toss the salad in, but we're going to use with this beautiful cucumber and onion. >> look what you're doing there. >> this is it a great salad in and of itself. acally, we serve this with great tomatoes. >> we have one minute. >> we're doing great! we can do this quickly. this is a corn relish, taking advantage of the fresh produce of the market. we're adding to it a chow chow, which is a southern heritage duration. >> is it like a chutney? >> it is. it's like a chutney. it's done, again, with beautiful sa cabbages, a great flavor. parsley, a touch of garlic sauce. >> show us our final dishes back here. >> we'll put those all together. and what we've done is we've plated that quite beautifully. >> yes, you have. >> this is what we serve with
2:59 am
the beautiful cucumber and onions. and you can eat well. >> thank you for coming to see us. tomorrow, jennifer tilly comes by. and elvis durant fromz-100 morning show. >> i'm jim cramer, and welcome to my world. >> you need to get in the game. >> firms are going to go out of business, and he's nuts. they're nuts. they know nothing. >> i always like to say there's a bull market somewhere. >> "mad money," you can't afford to miss it. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to save you some money. my job isn't just to entertain you but i'm trying to teach you. call me at 1-800-743-cnbc. a wise man named andy dufresne famously once said, i guess it comes down to a simple choice really. bu